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James Mungro Memorial Award

James Mungro Memorial Award Winners

2014 (Lions): George Johnson

2014 (Tigers): Blaine Hardy

2013 (Lions): Rodney Austin

2013 (Tigers): Jose Alvarez

2012 (Lions): Jacques McClendon

2012 (Tigers): Chris Bootcheck

Chances are you don’t know who James Mungro is. That’s the point.

He was a fourth-string running back on Lions during a preseason in 2002. And he dominated. So much so that my brother, dad and I had scheduled our nights in order to watch the third quarter of preseason games so we could watch James Mungro. You can read the full story of the James Mungro Phenomenon here.

Since that magical Summer, I’ve been searching for the new James Mungro, with little success. In March, 2012 I realized I needed to expand my horizon. There were plenty of James Mungro’s out there in sports other than football. With me running out of ideas for the blog with the Red Wings in the dregs of their season and the Tigers just reporting to camp, I wanted needed a reason to care about Spring Training. So I set out on a camp-wide search for baseball’s version of James Mungro. It turned into one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

All winners are determined on the basis of the seven rules (also known as the “Sacred Seven”):

  1. The award has to go to someone I’ve never heard of.
  2. He must have at least an outside chance of making the team. 
  3. He has to be good.
  4. He can’t be a big-time prospect. 
  5. The name has to be catchy.
  6. Ideally, he would have a distinct characteristic.
  7. No feature stories can be written about him in at least the first half of training camp. 

To read the story of any of the winners thus far, click on his name above.

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