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A YouTube scouting report of new Detroit Tigers pitcher Shane Greene, who might be a demon

The Tigers traded their No. 5 and No. 7 prospects for Shane Greene. You’re reaction was probably similar to mine: Who? Bless You Boys actually has a post titled: Who is Shane Greene? You can go there to get stats. For a review of how he plays, go find a number of other people who have A.) Seen […]

Your much more frequent Jose Alvarez/Chris Bootcheck update

There’s too much news to return to our once-every-two-weeks James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) winners of past and present update. (I feel like that needs to be shortened.) Jose Alvarez made his highly publicized (at least on here) return to the majors, and Chris Bootcheck gamed the system yet again. Let’s start […]

Your bi-weekly Jose Alvarez Update: As the Detroit Tigers begin, it begins

It’s Opening Day. Get Excited! After today, there’s only 161 games left in the playoff stretch. This Tigers-Twins game could have some serious Wildcard implications. Yet, the Tigers’ most dangerous weapon remains in the minors. Your James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) winner, Jose Alvarez, has been banished to AAA, a.k.a ‘Where JMMA […]

The Game 4 Experience: Getting Rained out…minus the rain.

(GUEST POST ALERT: I asked Kevin Raftery to come back for a Game 4 post. Graciously, he agreed. He’s the man. Read him getting angrier and angrier. Follow him on twitter: @kevinraftery) Usually, when a game is postponed because of rain, little wet drops actually fall from the sky. That wasn’t the case Wednesday night […]

Omir Santos’ career destruction…and redemption

Omir Santos’ throw was off the mark, pulling Jhonny Peralta three steps off the bag to his right.  The sweep tag actually got Curtis Granderson stealing second, though. Second base umpire Dan Bellino didn’t see it that way, calling Granderson safe in the top of the third. Santos paused for second before putting his mask […]

Taking a Realistic look at the Tigers Stretch Run

36 games remain in the regular season and the Tigers are a fortunate bunch. Still relatively new to being buyers at the trade deadline, many fans were astounded when they saw that the Tigers grabbed two new pieces to fit in this season’s puzzle. The first was one of the biggest prizes available in Jarrod Washburn. He has seen his ERA rise 0.59 points since […]


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