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The Red Wings, the streak, the Blackhawks and just a little bit of a pep talk

The Red Wings are in the 11th place in the conference. Let that sink in for a second. They’re three spots out of the final wild card spot, probably their only chance at extending the playoff streak. It makes sense that it would end this year. This is Detroit’s first year in the East. The […]

The four positives to take away from the Tigers’ first 44 games

Now that I’ve jumped into baseball (we’re four games past the magical 40-game mark)* I understand the temptation to jump into freak-out mode well before the 117-game benchmark that is the real panic point. When the Tigers get the pitching, they can’t hit. On the rare occasion they do get the hitting, Jose Valverde tries […]

The Great Goaltending question already has an answer

A broken finger usually leads to one question: “How’d you break your finger?” But when it happened Jimmy Howard, man. People went nuts. Questions started popping up everywhere. How’d it break? How long is he out? What’s the extent of the injury? Does he need some special equipment? Then people started answering questions they already knew. […]


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