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The Hail Mary: How years of Detroit Lions scarring can manifest itself in 10 seconds

2011 was supposed to be the end of the Liedowns, the culmination of 50 years of waiting. 10-6? A playoff appearance? A franchise quarterback? The best receiver in the NFL? A dominant, young defensive lineman? It’s a new era, baby. A playoff loss to the Saints was only the beginning. Then 4-12 happened and eight […]

The second annual “Jump on the Adam Almquist Bandwagon” extravaganza

We’ve got football finding its rhythm and playoff baseball approaching, but I want to take a timeout for what is turning into a yearly tradition: building the Adam Almquist bandwagon. Last year I talked about Almquist as the Shea Weber Super Market Sweep came to it’s underwhelming conclusion. Prospect guru Corey Pronman told me he […]

Your Jose Alvarez/Jacques McClendon/Rodney Austin update wins things…and doesn’t

We’re running out of room in the title. Fortunately for the headline, I’m not sure how many more Jacques McClendon updates we’ll have. Might as well get the bad news out of the way first. McClendon was waived by the Jaguars on Saturday. Since he has less than four years of NFL experience, he was […]

The Wicked Weekend: Chris Bootcheck’s, Jacques McClendon’s future gets cloudier

Consider this Sunday, Bloody Sunday part two, except without the bloodshed, political implications, human rights questions, U2 song,  everything else associated with the first Bloody Sunday except for the potent name and the fact that some of our events happened on a Saturday. It was a metaphorical bloodshed for a couple of former James Mungro Memorial […]

This is your friendly reminder: Jose Alvarez is pitching for the Tigers today

The Tigers have just lost the first part of a double header with Kansas City. To avoid an embarrassing 0-for-2 against the Royals Detroit has leveraged its 26th man rule to bring up  Jose Alvarez. The rule says a team can carry an extra player on days it has a double header. Jose Alvarez is […]

YouTube video scouting report: Jose Iglesias

With Jhonny Peralta headed to baseball purgatory because of his juicing addiction, the Tigers needed a replacement. They got one in the form of a younger, more-athletic, better-looking Latin American shortstop. For those unfamiliar with Jose Iglesias, he defected from Cuba while with his country’s national team in Canada, signed with the Red Sox for […]

A tribute to Eat ‘Em Up Tigers Guy

It’s amazing how little we know of him, really, the man on the corner with the Hulk fist and the Solo cup. He was old, he was homeless, he’d jiggle his cup and talk to anybody who looked in his direction. He’d announce through his missing bottom teeth and white fu manchu that he was running for Mayor. […]


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