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The second annual “Jump on the Adam Almquist Bandwagon” extravaganza

We’ve got football finding its rhythm and playoff baseball approaching, but I want to take a timeout for what is turning into a yearly tradition: building the Adam Almquist bandwagon. Last year I talked about Almquist as the Shea Weber Super Market Sweep came to it’s underwhelming conclusion. Prospect guru Corey Pronman told me he […]

What people misunderstand when it comes to the new Red Wings arena in relation to Detroit’s bankruptcy

Yes, Detroit has to keep its head down while walking down the sidewalk, and, yes, it doesn’t go out much anymore, not with all the other cities giving it those looks after the bankruptcy declaration. But there is one semi-good thing that about this news: people are questioning the new Red Wings arena. The public […]

An attempt to quantify the NHL’s officiating problem, if there is one

Amidst the two-month playoff journey, as team after team (including the Red Wings) was knocked out and millions of fans went from invested to just observers, there were two things that united them: booing Gary Bettman, and taking to Twitter to complain about the officiating.  This isn’t a new pastime in any sport. When Moses led […]

Future Detroit Red Wings who are still playing, 2013 edition (Part 2)

I’d push this back into next week, but I fear both series will be over by then. After we examined the soon-to-be former Bruin and Penguin that will become Red Wings for the 2013-14 season in part 1, our attention turns to the Western Conference finalists. If you haven’t noticed, this year’s free agent class […]

Who is NOT to blame for the Detroit Red Wings playoffs…

(Note: I’m pushing back the Future Red Wings still playing Part 2. Too much postmortem to attend to.) As the sting of Game 7 begins to wear off, I’m bringing those feelings back so you can feel the sting a little longer. It’s necessary. We need to figure out what went wrong. As you may […]

Who is to blame for the Red Wings’ Game 1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks?

The Red Wings held out longer than expected, but that game eventually turned into the bus crash you secretly expected it to be. Get ready for the first in what should be a lot of minuses in this series. Allowed 9:03, 1st period, 1-0 Blackhawks (PP) Gustav Nyquist takes a hooking penalty. Brendan Smith loses […]

Who is to blame for the Detroit Red Wings’ Game 3 loss to the Anaheim Ducks?

The question of who to blame for the Red Wings in these playoffs is getting harder and easier at the same time. When a team loses 4-0, it’s hard to single out one person to direct all your acrimony towards. But when a team loses 4-0, the correct answer on who to blame is everybody. […]

Figuring out who is responsible for the outcomes of Game 1 and Game 2 in the Detroit Red Wings-Anaheim Ducks series

As you settle into a nice balance between being giddy about Gustav Nyquist’s overtime winner and being glum about that three goal lead the Red Wings gave up, you”ll find yourself wondering, who’s responsible for all this? Well, there are a few places you can figure it out. Winging it in Motown’s CSSI (Common Sense […]

The third grader’s guide to the Detroit Red Wings playoff scenarios

Welcome, class! I see you guys haven’t been here for a while. I’ll remember to take it slow. See, your Red Wings have reached the final three games of the season and still sit outside of the playoff picture. You’re currently experiencing what all the little kids in Calgary and Los Angeles and Buffalo experience […]

The hidden variable? How much does the selection of referees affect the Detroit Red Wings?

For all the stats taken and conclusions jumped to in sports, there’s one thing in the box score that people have rarely paid attention to, something that we’ve seen in some sports used to manipulate the game: the referees. I’ve begun tracking them for all sorts of different things, many of which I’ll touch on […]


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