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A fancy stats NHL preview of sorts: How many attempts does it take to figure out a player’s shootout talent?

This summer we delved into the #fancystats revolution and tried to apply it to the only consistent one-on-one, pitcher-vs-batter matchup hockey provides: the shootout. I, for one, learned a lot, from why the shootout is important, to the best way to measure how much a goalie/player contributes to his team’s success in it, to the fact […]

It’s Shootout Week! An introduction and why you should pay attention

Late one night about a month ago, I mindlessly clicked a link that I had favorited on Twitter. My browser went to a month-old Yahoo! story about some professor who had been teaching a class on Sabermetrics — “The Study of Baseball as a Science” — at Tufts University. He was now teaching the class […]

The Red Wings are bringing back Jonas Gustavsson; Why it might not be the right move

Free agency doesn’t start for another two weeks, but the Detroit Red Wings’ plans are already taking shape. They’ll search for a forward and a defenseman or two, but not a backup goalie. Ken Holland says Jonas Gustavsson will remain Detroit’s No. 2. Based on last season, that’s not such a good thing, especially if Gustavsson remains […]

The second annual “Jump on the Adam Almquist Bandwagon” extravaganza

We’ve got football finding its rhythm and playoff baseball approaching, but I want to take a timeout for what is turning into a yearly tradition: building the Adam Almquist bandwagon. Last year I talked about Almquist as the Shea Weber Super Market Sweep came to it’s underwhelming conclusion. Prospect guru Corey Pronman told me he […]

What people misunderstand when it comes to the new Red Wings arena in relation to Detroit’s bankruptcy

Yes, Detroit has to keep its head down while walking down the sidewalk, and, yes, it doesn’t go out much anymore, not with all the other cities giving it those looks after the bankruptcy declaration. But there is one semi-good thing that about this news: people are questioning the new Red Wings arena. The public […]

An attempt to quantify the NHL’s officiating problem, if there is one

Amidst the two-month playoff journey, as team after team (including the Red Wings) was knocked out and millions of fans went from invested to just observers, there were two things that united them: booing Gary Bettman, and taking to Twitter to complain about the officiating.  This isn’t a new pastime in any sport. When Moses led […]

Future Detroit Red Wings who are still playing, 2013 edition (Part 2)

I’d push this back into next week, but I fear both series will be over by then. After we examined the soon-to-be former Bruin and Penguin that will become Red Wings for the 2013-14 season in part 1, our attention turns to the Western Conference finalists. If you haven’t noticed, this year’s free agent class […]


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