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Sunday Red Wings rumor Roundup: Ken Holland gives latest in search for another defenseman; Mike Babcock contract extension on hold

Every Sunday I’ll bring you a recap of all the legitimate Red Wings-related transaction and signing rumors from the previous week. I see all this stuff anyway. I figured I might as well share it with you. • Ken Holland told 105.1 FM that he still wants to trade for a right-handed defenseman but the […]

In comes the Monster, out goes Joey Mac’s final shot

Amid the talk of Parise and Suter and Samuelsson and Tootoo and the utter disgust for those who bring train whistles to a hockey game, the first move the Red Wings made during free agency may have been Ken Holland’s most interesting. Not for who he brought, but for he pushed out. Jonas Gustavsson, the […]

Why not sixth place?

(So I’m a day late. Deal with it.) Let’s tackle a simple question. Who would the Red Wings rather play in the first round of the playoffs? All stats after completion of games on 3/22. Team A: 85 points, 73-40-28-5 record. Goal differential: -2. Regular season series: 4-0, Detroit, although one win came through the shootout. […]

The five stages of Kyle Quincey

Ken: I would have appreciated some sort of sign. Tell a reporter in the know, drop a hint to Mickey Redmond, have Mike Commodore send out an errant, Bill-Simmons-esque, “quincey red wings” tweet. I spent over 2,000 words breaking down the Red Wings trade targets. I spend hours looking at terrible rumors. Not once did […]

Updated Red Wings Trade Deadline Tracker

Apparently people like when I pretend to know things. My first edition of the Trade Deadline Tracker, which I specifically specified was one man’s gathering of internet rumors, become a highly popular post. But it taught me a valuable lesson: If the people want me to pretend like I’m Ken Holland then I’m going to […]

Where should Ken Holland’s allegiances lie?

Ken Holland has to choose between his two loves. Thankfully it has nothing to do with wives or mistresses. It’s between the fans and his player. The organization wants to develop their next wave of forwards in Emmerton, Mursak and Tartar by giving them a chance to play consistently in the NHL. It wants to […]


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