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The king is gone: Tigers trade International Pitcher of Mystery Jose Alvarez to the Angels

It’s black Friday. Detroit Tigers have traded Jose Alvarez to the Angels for shortstop Andrew Romine. — Chris Iott (@Chris_Iott) March 21, 2014 Jose Alvarez was mere days away from handing off his crown as baseball’s James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) representative. Now he won’t even be there to see it go. […]

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Your Jose Alvarez/Jacques McClendon/Rodney Austin/Chris Bootcheck update continues it’s career year, says farewell for now

Jose Alvarez’s season is completed, Chris Bootcheck’s has been over for a while, Rodney Austin is stuck on the practice squad and Jacques McClendon might as well be. We’ve reached a dead period for James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) winners. After this last burst of unbelievably stimulating words, the JMMA updates will […]

Your Jose Alvarez/Jacques McClendon update gets cut three times and almost makes the playoff roster

Remember when Jacques McClendon got released two weeks ago and we thought his NFL run was over? It’s not. Well, it still might be. It’s complicated. As of right now, McClendon isn’t a Jaguar. He hasn’t been one for three straight Sundays. But he has been for the past three Monday through Fridays. Let’s go […]

Looking at the Detroit Lions offensive line: Week 1

This was supposed to come out two days ago, but some internet troubles — mainly, that mine sucks — prevented me from seeing the game. A new year and a new winner of the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) merited a new obsession for 2013. After years of complaining about the cornerbacks, […]

The Wicked Weekend: Chris Bootcheck’s, Jacques McClendon’s future gets cloudier

Consider this Sunday, Bloody Sunday part two, except without the bloodshed, political implications, human rights questions, U2 song,  everything else associated with the first Bloody Sunday except for the potent name and the fact that some of our events happened on a Saturday. It was a metaphorical bloodshed for a couple of former James Mungro Memorial […]

Your James Mungro Memorial Award winner is…

Let’s get this out of the way: The dream is dead. The Lions won’t start the season with a winner of the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) on their roster. Both Jimmy Saddler-McQueen and Rodney Austin were cut on Saturday and signed to the team’s practice squad on Sunday. That had no […]

Your guide to watching the Lions preseason Week 3, where a JMMA winner may or may not be crowned

Lions vs. Patriots 7:30 ET  The starters will play a lot, except for Calvin Johnson. People will overreact because it’s the preseason and they need something to talk about. None of this will make the first two-plus quarters any less boring. But after, after the starters leave, it’s going to be chaos. The James Mungro Memorial […]

Your Jose Alvarez/Chris Bootcheck update got called up, went down, then got called back up again

The search for the winner of our next James Mungro Memorial Award presented (sponsor still pending, I have Paypal) pushed this update to Wednesday, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Not after what Jose Alvarez did Friday night. The International Pitcher of Mystery made his fifth career major league start and went 5.2 […]

This is your friendly reminder: Jose Alvarez is pitching for the Tigers today

The Tigers have just lost the first part of a double header with Kansas City. To avoid an embarrassing 0-for-2 against the Royals Detroit has leveraged its 26th man rule to bring up  Jose Alvarez. The rule says a team can carry an extra player on days it has a double header. Jose Alvarez is […]

Your guide to watching the Lions in preseason Week 2 and how Jimmy Saddler-McQueen could take the JMMA

Lions at Browns, 7:30 ET Tonight’s preseason game could be the pinnacle of the Lions’ season. In one game the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (yup, sponsor still pending) could be granted, and the Lions could even the all-time series in the Great Lakes Classic. Detroit is 5-6 in this annual fake rivalry that stretches all the way […]


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