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It’s opening day: Where you can find the James Mungro Memorial Award winners

A week and a half ago we found our next James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) winner in Angel Nesbitt. Last week we  examined the end for Chris Bootcheck.  Now, baseball is upon us and we have three active JMMA winners in different places. Nesbitt made history. Three days ago he got the called […]

James Mungro Memorial Award update: The time has come to pick a winner; Is it Angel Nesbitt or Xavier Avery?

After two surprise and swift eliminations, we’ve reached the conclusion of this year’s chase for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending). Two competitors remain: outfielder Xavier Avery and pitcher Angel Nesbitt. Both have performed admirably and avoided the pitfuls — money, strippers, drugs, cars — that come with being a contender for the […]

JMMA Week 1 recap: In deepest field yet, have the Lions found the true heir to James Mungro?

Kellen Moore has provided us the deepest James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) field ever. Usually, the media tabs a third stringer that had a good game as the underdog story. Every traditional outlet rolls out a feature on him and he automatically gets eliminated from the JMMA. It happened to Matt Willis last year. […]

James Mungro Memorial Award Preview: The guide on which backups to watch when the Lions face the Browns

Another competition is upon us. Twelve years after James Mungro ran through, around and over the Cleveland Browns, 18 Detroit Lions will vie for the award in his name. The James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (insert sponsor here) will name it’s sixth overall and third football champion at the end of the preseason. If you’re new […]

The king is gone: Tigers trade International Pitcher of Mystery Jose Alvarez to the Angels

It’s black Friday. Detroit Tigers have traded Jose Alvarez to the Angels for shortstop Andrew Romine. — Chris Iott (@Chris_Iott) March 21, 2014 Jose Alvarez was mere days away from handing off his crown as baseball’s James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) representative. Now he won’t even be there to see it go. […]

Your Jose Alvarez/Jacques McClendon/Rodney Austin/Chris Bootcheck update continues it’s career year, says farewell for now

Jose Alvarez’s season is completed, Chris Bootcheck’s has been over for a while, Rodney Austin is stuck on the practice squad and Jacques McClendon might as well be. We’ve reached a dead period for James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) winners. After this last burst of unbelievably stimulating words, the JMMA updates will […]

Your Jose Alvarez/Jacques McClendon update gets cut three times and almost makes the playoff roster

Remember when Jacques McClendon got released two weeks ago and we thought his NFL run was over? It’s not. Well, it still might be. It’s complicated. As of right now, McClendon isn’t a Jaguar. He hasn’t been one for three straight Sundays. But he has been for the past three Monday through Fridays. Let’s go […]


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