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An update on former James Mungro Memorial Award winner Chris Bootcheck: It’s finally the end

On Friday, Angel Nesbitt became the fourth baseball winner of the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending). A few minutes after that was official he accepted my request to follow his private Instagram account. His reign off to a roaring start. But before he goes any further, it”s time to take a step back. Nesbitt […]

James Mungro Memorial Award update: The time has come to pick a winner; Is it Angel Nesbitt or Xavier Avery?

After two surprise and swift eliminations, we’ve reached the conclusion of this year’s chase for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending). Two competitors remain: outfielder Xavier Avery and pitcher Angel Nesbitt. Both have performed admirably and avoided the pitfuls — money, strippers, drugs, cars — that come with being a contender for the […]

Know your James Mungro Memorial Award nominee: Rafael Dolis; Is he the most JMMA of them all?

At the beginning of this week, Rafael Dolis was the most James Mungro of all of us. He came to training camp as a non-roster invitee and put up solid numbers but slid quietly through camp and this competition. The James Mungro Memorial Awardo presented by (sponsor pending) could be awarded in a matter of […]

James Mungro Memorial Award: The final four is set

(UPDATE: Omar Duran was sent to minor league camp earlier this week. So he won’t pitch again. He’s cut too.) Four men don’t know how close they are to internet immortality. They don’t know that to win it, they’ll have to beat out the same people they sit with in the clubhouse and the bench, the […]

Know your James Mungro Memorial Award nominee: Omar Duran, the anonymous one

The internet provides an inflated view of prospects. They are no longer anonymous or just names you hear about. Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus and anybody who wants to can go to Montgomery or Erie or El Paso and take video of every swing or every throw a prospect has. YouTube is full of those […]

James Mungro Memorial Award: The purge is here for the Detroit Tigers

Listen to that sound. Do your hear it? That engine idling? That’s the sound of a Greyhound waiting to jet to Cut City. Almost two full weeks into spring training, 12 players are still in the hunt for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) because of a roster snafu. We have to cut […]

Know your James Mungro Memorial Award nominee: Xavier Avery, a new Ezequiel Carrera?

Me and my buddy Marlo chillin🐶…he likes to CUDDLE…😄☺️ pic.twitter.com/3UeVg4J0ya — XMAN (@XavierAvery) November 25, 2014 You can spend your time theorizing about how Haloti Ngata will fit in with the Lions six months from now. I prefer to spend mine breaking down performances from fake baseball games. A purge is coming to the James […]


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