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Changing on the narrative on former Red Wing Brian Rafalski’s retirement and comeback

I liked the narrative of former Detroit Red Wing Brian Rafalski’s comeback story: Guy quits hockey with some power still in his batteries. Guy plays in alumni game. Guys realizes mistake. Guy attempts comeback while team still hasn’t found a suitable replacement three years later. If comeback doesn’t work, world learns lesson that the best […]

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The second annual “Jump on the Adam Almquist Bandwagon” extravaganza

We’ve got football finding its rhythm and playoff baseball approaching, but I want to take a timeout for what is turning into a yearly tradition: building the Adam Almquist bandwagon. Last year I talked about Almquist as the Shea Weber Super Market Sweep came to it’s underwhelming conclusion. Prospect guru Corey Pronman told me he […]

Rethink that Ian White isn’t Brian Rafalski talk

(I know I’m a bit late to the whole Ian White signing, but I had more important business like the Hot Dog eating contest to get to) The goal of any sports fan is to be right. I’ll make you right about Ian White. Fans arguing about personnel isn’t an argument but a back-and-forth, presenting […]

Finding Rafalski’s place in Red Wings history

Minutes after the Red Wings lost Game 3 to San Jose this year, the usual media horde descended on the Detroit locker room. I was one of the fifty in there, working as an intern for a television station. After about ten minutes, the majority of the media was around Jimmy Howard’s stall, waiting for […]


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