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Who’s to blame for the Red Wings’ Game 2 loss to the Bruins?

After breaking down the Game 1 goal (which it might be forever known by), we might as well keep going. As I did in last year’s playoffs, I’ll breakdown every goal from the Red Wings score and allow this playoffs. Here’s a look at Game 2: 1-0 Bruins Boston’s David Krejci takes the puck in his own zone […]

Exactly how much impact did the ‘prospects’ have on the Red Wings’ season?

The shot was a good one. Low, hard, on target. It just happened to hit a body. Somehow it popped up, arced over the Marc-Andre Fleury’s head, went off the cross bar and one-hopped into the net. Riley Sheahan was the shooter. Tomas Jurco was the man in front. Tomas Tatar sat on the back door, […]

How the Red Wings are making up for the loss of Jonathan Ericsson; It might not be how you think

It’s been 11 games since Jonathan Ericsson broke his finger, rendering him not fit to finish the regular season. Jakub Kindl, Brian Lashoff and Brendan Smith went from being in a game of healthy-scratch merry-go-round to playing regularly. They’ve played in each of the past 11 games. The Red Wings’ goals against hasn’t changed significantly. […]

Who is to blame for the Detroit Red Wings’ playoff elimination….

It’s time for one final purge, a master cleanse of the Red Wings’ just completed season. We’ve established who you shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t blame for the Red Wings’ playoff demise. Now it’s time to chop off some heads, and there a plenty of candidates for the guillotine. Let’s start with the lowest scorers in the […]

Who is responsible for the Detroit Red Wings Game 5 loss to the Anaheim Ducks?

Game 5 was a game of interchanging periods of domination, good goaltending, plenty of chances and plenty of blame to be spread around. Head to your torch and pitchfork store, because you need to load up on supplies. Allowed Cory Emmerton loses the faceoff, Kyle Palmieri picks up the puck. Patrick Eaves follows. As Palmieri […]

Who is responsible for the Detroit Red Wings Game 4 win over the Anaheim Ducks?

No wasting time. By now you know what’s happening. The guide to who’s responsible for the Red Wings’ Game 4 overtime win, in easy to decipher fashion. Allowed The puck gets dumped into the zone, Kyle Quincey and Matt Belesky each go for the puck and cancel each other out. Brendan Smith picks up the […]

Who is to blame for the Detroit Red Wings’ Game 3 loss to the Anaheim Ducks?

The question of who to blame for the Red Wings in these playoffs is getting harder and easier at the same time. When a team loses 4-0, it’s hard to single out one person to direct all your acrimony towards. But when a team loses 4-0, the correct answer on who to blame is everybody. […]

Red Wings thoughts and rambles vs. Minnesota Wild, 3/20

The Red Wings were playing on national television with a chance to put some distance between them and the teams currently not in a playoff spot, and they were doing it against the two major free agents that spurned the team last summer. Wednesday’s game was the perfect time to reprise the classic ‘Red Wings […]

Why Brian Lashoff isn’t the typical Hustler. And why it’s not his fault.

Beneath the familiar number is an unfamiliar stride and a story you’ll recognize if you’ve ever seen a movie, read a book or watched a feature on ESPN. No. 23. Brian Lashoff. The undrafted free agent who earned a contract during training camp four year ago and then spent four years working up to this […]

Rumor Monday: Could Toronto’s Cody Franson soon be a Red Wing?

IT’S RUMOR MONDAY!!! What exactly is Rumor Monday? I’m not sure, but somebody is excited about it. I guess the basic idea is that there are credible, roster-changing rumors out there, yet to be explored. What Rumor Monday is not, is a recap of 6-0 losses. Or overreactions to one game. Or recaps of news […]


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