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Ezequiel Carrera: The forgotten player that made the David Price trade possible

After the Detroit beat writers tweeted their stalking of Dave Dombrowski, after the Ken Rosenthal tweet the simply read Source: #Tigers get Price, after the MLB Network analysts freaked out on the air, after the Tigers pulled Austin Jackson from a game in the middle of an inning, after the full details of the trade trickled out, and […]

Breaking down the moment of now: Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer’s eighth inning against the Oakland Athletics

What happened on Tuesday can’t be classified as a game. It was a saga, a tale of Austin Jackson’s redemption, an admitted steroid user kinda  sorta making amends and Max Scherzer clinching the Cy Young. The ironic thing is Scherzer likely will have little or no say in how that eighth inning will be remembered. Win […]

The Quintin Berry, Austin Jackson, Andy Dirks change of pace

  (It’s late. I’m busy. Deal with it.) “The undisputed leader so far. I caught just an inning of the Tigers/Mets Spring Training game because I have other things to do (mainly, not watch a spring training game) but from what I did see, Berry stood out. He was wearing one long sleeve and one […]

The four positives to take away from the Tigers’ first 44 games

Now that I’ve jumped into baseball (we’re four games past the magical 40-game mark)* I understand the temptation to jump into freak-out mode well before the 117-game benchmark that is the real panic point. When the Tigers get the pitching, they can’t hit. On the rare occasion they do get the hitting, Jose Valverde tries […]

When can we give the play at the plate the credit it deserves?

Remember when I swore off the Tigers until there were 25 games left unless something special happened? Well, something special happened. Sunday afternoon, Austin Jackson won the game with a laser, rocket, frozen rope to get Kosuke Fukudome at the plate. While the Tigers’ magic number is down to 30 and Chief Wahoo is fading […]


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