A JMMA update: What the landscape is for our former winners headed into spring training

We’ve reached a turning point. Almost every baseball team ever held their Fan Fest/Winter Caravan/rally event/excuse to sell season tickets this weekend. Spring training is less than a month away. Another hunt for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) will begin soon. But before that happens we most honor the past. The baseball […]

Yoenis Cespedes is a Detroit Tiger; This could be the most entertaining team of all time

Everybody say it together: WHO KNOWS? YO KNOWS! Yoenis Cespedes is a Tiger. Rick kind-of-handsome-but-boring Porcello is not. Detroit already added Shane Greene, who can be electric at times but can’t throw a lob to first base. Now they’ve got Cespedes. It doesn’t even matter what or who Alfredo Simon is, or that the Tigers […]

A YouTube scouting report of new Detroit Tigers pitcher Shane Greene, who might be a demon

The Tigers traded their No. 5 and No. 7 prospects for Shane Greene. You’re reaction was probably similar to mine: Who? Bless You Boys actually has a post titled: Who is Shane Greene? You can go there to get stats. For a review of how he plays, go find a number of other people who have A.) Seen […]

The 2014 Royals, the 2006 Tigers and rooting for your own gut punch

All #Royals fans right now ⬇️ #TakeTheCrown pic.twitter.com/llp8CM0Q2i — Kansas City Royals (@Royals) October 15, 2014 The Royals won again. They probably will go to the World Series. They might win it. If they do, the Royals will have two championships since the Tigers’ last. That final fact prevented me from jumping into the Royals […]

JMMA postseason update: Blaine Hardy simply didn’t deserve to the make the Tigers’ ALDS roster

Everybody saw that eighth inning. Everybody saw the Tigers let a 4-3 deficit turn into a 12-3 deficit. Everybody saw the four pitchers used and Joba Chamberlain pitch to two batters and allow two runs. Look at the box score you’ll see Chamberlain’s infinity ERA and Joakim Soria’s four runs allowed in one-third of an inning pitched. […]

Checking in with Nate Fury: The man who’s no longer the biggest underdog in the Tigers’ system

How should somebody classify Nate Fury? Some terms technically describe him, but they’re a little misleading. He’s a Tigers draft pick, but not the high-profile-type you’re thinking of. The Tigers drafted him in the 36th round. He’s a prospect, but only by the most general definition. He’s not making any top 100 lists in his career, […]

An attempt to explain the unfathomable Joe Nathan 9th-inning experience

pic.twitter.com/sQFI8eiZXt — nick pants (@nick_pants) September 17, 2014 Joe Nathan was good. Then he moved 1,200 miles away and he wasn’t. First the blown saves came as an aberration, then they arrived as a symptom of a dead arm. Eventually they arrived simply because they had before. At its most basic, baseball is a child […]


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