Your update on the baseball winners of the JMMA says it’s time to give Blaine Hardy the championship belt

The first year of the JMMA award, Chris Bootcheck obliterated the International League and led all Triple-A All Stars in votes. The second year, Jose Alvarez made the major leagues and took a no-hitter almost five innings deep. Then, Bootcheck got called up to the Yankees and spent one glorious inning pitching to the team that […]

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Ezequiel Carrera: The forgotten player that made the David Price trade possible

After the Detroit beat writers tweeted their stalking of Dave Dombrowski, after the Ken Rosenthal tweet the simply read Source: #Tigers get Price, after the MLB Network analysts freaked out on the air, after the Tigers pulled Austin Jackson from a game in the middle of an inning, after the full details of the trade trickled out, and […]

The Detroit Lions, the Detroit Tigers and winning now

Dave Dombrowski didn’t have to say anything. He sent his message when he gave up two of the Tigers’ best prospects for reliever Joakim Soria: We’re effin’ going for it.  It doesn’t matter that we overpaid. It doesn’t matter if Cory Knebel and Jake Thompson are good. If we win it won’t matter if Joakim […]

Your update on the baseball winners of the JMMA gets happy then sad then good at pitching

The details on the Angels’ trade with the Padres’ for Huston Street came in increments. First we learned the deal was done. Then we learned that the Angels were including second-base prospect Taylor Lindsey in the deal. Then came this: Huston Street and AA Pitcher to Angels for Taylor Lindsey, Jose Rondon, Jose Alvarez and […]

The 2014 Detroit Tigers organization All-Name team, led by MVP Raph Rhymes

This summer some people have earned Stanley Cup rings and All-Star nominations but there’s no honor quite as special (and quite as meaningless) as being named to the Detroit Tigers organization’s All-Name team. Last year 25 men had their hard work rewarded by making the inaugural team. From Al Alburquerque to Jesus Ustariz they’ll all be remembered […]

Nate Fury is making it in the Tigers system, but how long can he stay?

One month ago, Nate Fury became the biggest underdog in the Detroit Tigers’ system. I don’t know what usually happens to 36th-round picks, so I had no idea whether the Tigers would actually sign him. When I was in high school I remember the Tigers taking a bunch of local kids that weren’t close to being […]

Your update on the baseball winners of the JMMA could be looking at the beginning of the end

Blaine Hardy’s ascension has had me neglecting the former winners of the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending). I won’t apologize. Hardy is the most successful JMMA winner of all time. He’s pitched in nine MLB games, the most of any player after taking the title and — after an inconsistent few games — he’s […]

A meetup with Blaine Hardy deep in the heart of Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas — When four guys walked through the centerfield gate of Globe Life Park sometime around 6:00 on Wednesday, three were there to get a glimpse of their hometown team in person. I just wanted see Blaine Hardy. For the three hours beforehand it didn’t look good. A storm poured rain on the area, […]

The Tigers, Daniel Schlereth and the ‘organizational depth’ label

Daniel Schlereth was traded from the Pittsburgh organization to the Tigers organization on Tuesday and, outside of him and his family, no one cared. The Pirates certainly didn’t care. They let him go for “cash considerations”, which could just be that the organization no longer has to pay the salary of a guy who has […]

Explaining how Blaine Hardy has made JMMA history

Blaine Hardy has made history. A little over a year ago, Jose Alvarez, winner of the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending), made his major league debut. We all know what happened. You’ll be telling people about it for years. Alvarez took a no-hitter into the fifth inning, gave up a home run to […]


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