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The Red Wings aren’t better than the Lightning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win the series

The Red Wings lead the Lightning two games to one. They can lose every remaining road game and still win the series. But if the Red Wings advance, “winning” won’t be the right word. The Lightning are too fast for the Red Wings. They’re just as deep offensively and have a better-skilled defense corps. They’ve outshot Detroit […]

Would a first-round playoff loss signify the end of a run for the Red Wings?

Last year the Red Wings had an excuse. They were injured all year. Success became keeping the playoff streak alive. Everyone knew the Bruins were bigger and better. Fans’ hope for a series win rested solely on reputation: the Red Wings tend to win playoff series. Losing to Boston brought no surprise. The year before, […]

Breaking down the Red Wings’ eighth segment: Detroit showing signs of improvement at right time

Red Wings fans have panicked for the last two and a half months. They had their reasons. Detroit went from fighting for home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs to fighting to get into the playoffs, and all those battles came just months after the Red Wings were one of the top […]

What the hell happened to Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard?

Not too long ago Jimmy Howard was an All Star. Through December he had a 0.921 save percentage. His goals against average hovered in the low twos. He was on pace for his best season in two years. Now, with six games to go in the regular season, Howard watched from the bench as Petr […]

Breaking down the Red Wings’ seventh segment: One aspect shows why Detroit’s playoff run might be a short one

On February 6, the Red Wings were coming off a 3-0 win over the Avalanche the previous night. They were 8-2-0 in their last 10 games and sat second in the Atlantic Division, two points behind the NHL-leading Lightning with two games in hand. In the month and a half that followed, Detroit posted a […]

Breaking down the Red Wings’ sixth segment: Niklas Kronwall’s finest hour

It took 61 games but the Red Wings are finally back to last-season form. Two shootout losses and two shutout losses pushed Detroit to a 5-3-2 record over the past 10 games, earning the team for 12 points. The Red Wingers garnered 12 points per segment consistently throughout all of last year and barely made […]

Petr Mrazek might actually be even better than the Red Wings think

Sooner rather than later Petr Mrazek is going to make that two-and-a-half hour drive along I-96 from Detroit to Grand Rapids. When he does, it’ll likely be a lot calmer drive than the one he took the other way. There will be no nerves, no moments of self doubt. Mrazek’s teammates, coach and GM all had […]


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