James Mungro Memorial Award

It can’t wait: The Lions have a new James Mungro Memorial Award winner in their midst

As men played for their jobs and coaches watched, deciding who to keep, I issued a challenge to four men: Go out and win the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending). None paid any attention, of course — they had careers and livelihoods to worry about — but  it certainly seemed like one […]

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James Mungro Memorial Award Week 3 preview: The Lions’ final four could become a final one

Jed Collins, Greg Hickman, George Johnson and George Winn all showed up to Lions OTAs as nobodies. In the months since then they’ve sacked and celebrated and ran and Jedded their way into our consciousness. Now, in three days, it’s possible one of these players will never be anonymous again (in this small corner of […]

The story of Jacques McClendon and why it’s coming to precipice in the Lions vs. Jaguars game

Football came easy for Jacques McClendon. In high school he was a three-year starter on offense and defense at the Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. He earned All-State honors twice. As a senior he played in the Army All-American Bowl. Gatorade named him their Player of the Year in Tennessee. Rivals ranked him a four-star recruit […]

JMMA Week 2 recap: The Final Four; Will the Lions cut the eventual winner

The competition for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) has gone from 18 nominees to four in two weeks. Far more dramatic cuts are coming. The first NFL cut date is Aug. 26, four days after the Lions play the Jaguars. Ninety-player rosters will become 75. Four days after that, on Aug. […]

James Mungro Memorial Award Week 2 preview: What to watch as the Lions face the Raiders

A funny thing happens when you watch people play football on TV: You feel like you know them. It’s a one-sided relationship — the player doesn’t care for your fake award, even if it is the second most prestigious fake award on the internet — but it’s still there, and I can’t let it go. […]

An update on the former football winners of the JMMA: Jacques McClendon is in a fight for his career

Amid all the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) madness, we can’t overlook our former winners. Rodney Austin seems fine. He took 28 snaps on offense on Saturday, the seventh most on the team, and played well. At one point he even pulled off his patented move, plowing into a Brown after the […]

JMMA Week 1 recap: In deepest field yet, have the Lions found the true heir to James Mungro?

Kellen Moore has provided us the deepest James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) field ever. Usually, the media tabs a third stringer that had a good game as the underdog story. Every traditional outlet rolls out a feature on him and he automatically gets eliminated from the JMMA. It happened to Matt Willis last year. […]


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