James Mungro Memorial Award

A JMMA update: What the landscape is for our former winners headed into spring training

We’ve reached a turning point. Almost every baseball team ever held their Fan Fest/Winter Caravan/rally event/excuse to sell season tickets this weekend. Spring training is less than a month away. Another hunt for the James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) will begin soon. But before that happens we most honor the past. The baseball […]

Recapping George Johnson’s year as the James Mungro Memorial Award champion

Winter is here, February is coming and pitchers and catchers report in just 39 days. The next chapter of the James Mungro Memorial award sponsored by (sponsor pending) is around the corner. I knew you’ve already done a beer bong and taken your pants off at the news, but we’ve still got more than month. […]

A JMMA football update: The journey is over for the Detroit Lions’ George Johnson, in a good way

Every week, George Johnson provides anybody who’s paying attention just how far he’s come. Sometimes it’s loud and in your face, other times it’s subtle. But every week for the past eight, Johnson has made at least one solo tackle. He’s consistently contributing in the NFL, which is something no other JMMA winner can claim. George […]

JMMA postseason update: Blaine Hardy simply didn’t deserve to the make the Tigers’ ALDS roster

Everybody saw that eighth inning. Everybody saw the Tigers let a 4-3 deficit turn into a 12-3 deficit. Everybody saw the four pitchers used and Joba Chamberlain pitch to two batters and allow two runs. Look at the box score you’ll see Chamberlain’s infinity ERA and Joakim Soria’s four runs allowed in one-third of an inning pitched. […]

JMMA football edition update: Jacques McClendon’s dream is over, but George Johnson’s continues to live on

Jacques McClendon’s four-year odyssey to  a starting spot lasted two games. After a pair of poor performances, the Jaguars benched McClendon on Sunday against the Colts. They started sixth-round pick Luke Bowanko instead. All Bowanko did is post a +1.2 rating according to Pro Football Focus and impress the coaching staff. “He showed his athleticism,” Jaguars […]

JMMA Week 1 update: We actually have players playing in the NFL

VINE – Eli Manning sacked for a 10 yd loss…. Enjoy the dance https://t.co/sb9t3n5ZjC — FanSided GIF (@FanSidedGIF) September 8, 2014 (New feature: Both George Johnson and Jacques McClendon are on actual NFL rosters and are playing in actual NFL games, so we’ll be checking in with them periodically throughout the season. It probably won’t […]

Your update on the baseball winners of the JMMA thinks about the end

This is supposed to be an update on all three baseball winners. It should probably focus on Blaine Hardy, whose ERA has stabilized around 2.00. Or maybe it should focus on Jose Alvarez. Injured since May, Alvarez went on a rehab assignment and pitched one scoreless inning for the Arizona League Angels on August 26. […]


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