Detroit Sports Survey

SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Survey Results Jamboree, Day 2

It’s Results Jamboree Day 2. As a man who has attended many jamborees in his life, I know the No. 1 rules of jamborees is to not waste time. So I won’t. If missed Day 1, experience it first. Then hang your head in shame for not being there from the beginning. Let’s get to […]

SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Survey Results Jamboree, Day 1

THEY’RE IN! After three weeks, I’ve officially sifted through your spelling mistakes, gotten mad at the people who refused to answer the questions and haven’t read the paragraph long responses to a question that asked for a simple name. The results for the SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Sports Survey are here. I know […]

The SB Nation and Detroit Hustle Detroit Sports Survey

(Other contributing blogs UPDATED August 3, 10:50 pm: Bless You Boys, Piston Powered, Pride of Detroit, SideLion Report, Winging it in Motown, 3rd Round Draft Pick. If you have a blog and want to take part in the process, there’s still time. Contact me and I’ll add your blog to the list and tell you […]

A call to arms as we try something different: A Detroit Sports Survey

(Programming Note: I don’t know what the deal is with all these video ads now. I’m very angry about it. I guess that’s the hazard of having a free WordPress blog.) If you’re not counting Andre Drummond air-balling a free throw at the Pistons’ summer league game and the same recycled stories from last year […]


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