The Stephen Weiss conundrum and what it means for the Red Wings

He’s scored 20 goals in a season four times. He’s notched more than 60 points twice. Yet he’s resigned to press box purgatory, watching guys eight and 10 years younger fill his spot. Before Saturday, Stephen Weiss hadn’t played in an NHL game since December 10th. The past two years, he’s missed 66 percent of […]

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I want to believe: finding the meaning in the Lions’ inexplicable win over the Saints

Jim Caldwell stepped to the podium as he does every week. He knew he had to talk first, that he needed an opening statement, a couple of words to summarize the game. He couldn’t find any. “Alright. Games in this league are…” Caldwell shook his head. “…are, uh, are crazy.” When it was 23-10 I […]

Red Wings rumor roundup: The latest on Tyler Myers and a list of some other defenseman Detroit has interest in

Every Sunday I’ll bring you a recap of all the legitimate Red Wings-related transaction and signing rumors from the previous week. I see all this stuff anyway. I figured I might as well share it with you. • The Red Wings inquired about acquiring Buffalo defenseman Tyler Myers, according to TSN’s Elliotte Friedman. The Sabres wanted Anthony […]

The Book On: Gustav Nyquist, the worst shootouter in Red Wings history

Gustav Nyquist is the absolute worst, and he’s extending his lead. Despite being one of the Red Wings’ most skilled players this side of Pavel Datsyuk, Nyquist’s shootout numbers are the lowest ever seen in a Red Wings uniform. Before Nyquist came along, no Red Wing had more than four shootout attempts without a goal. […]

The 2014 Royals, the 2006 Tigers and rooting for your own gut punch

All #Royals fans right now ⬇️ #TakeTheCrown pic.twitter.com/llp8CM0Q2i — Kansas City Royals (@Royals) October 15, 2014 The Royals won again. They probably will go to the World Series. They might win it. If they do, the Royals will have two championships since the Tigers’ last. That final fact prevented me from jumping into the Royals […]

The story of a sad man and a game that showed the Detroit Lions one strength could hide many flaws

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer took the podium with a scowl. He spoke in rasps and whispers. He made it three sentences before letting out a gigantic sigh. “I can handle getting beat,” he said at one point. “I can’t handle getting our butts whooped like that.” Zimmer was an NFL assistant for 20 years before […]

A fancy stats NHL preview of sorts: How many attempts does it take to figure out a player’s shootout talent?

This summer we delved into the #fancystats revolution and tried to apply it to the only consistent one-on-one, pitcher-vs-batter matchup hockey provides: the shootout. I, for one, learned a lot, from why the shootout is important, to the best way to measure how much a goalie/player contributes to his team’s success in it, to the fact […]


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