The return of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest and the peculiar fall of Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut looked like he had just come from a massage. The mustard yellow belt hung off his shoulder. He stood next to the ESPN reporter for his pre-contest interview and spouted off cliches without a care in the world. Like a President in his final term, he didn’t have to answer to anybody anymore. That […]

The Red Wings aren’t better than the Lightning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win the series

The Red Wings lead the Lightning two games to one. They can lose every remaining road game and still win the series. But if the Red Wings advance, “winning” won’t be the right word. The Lightning are too fast for the Red Wings. They’re just as deep offensively and have a better-skilled defense corps. They’ve outshot Detroit […]

Playing the Mock Draft, Round 2: The ‘experts’ still don’t have it together

If you ever needed evidence that Mock Drafts are worthless, I have it. You don’t need to look at last year, when in all of the three months leading up to the draft exactly one expert had the Lions taking Eric Ebron, and he switched his pick two weeks later. All you need is the […]

Would a first-round playoff loss signify the end of a run for the Red Wings?

Last year the Red Wings had an excuse. They were injured all year. Success became keeping the playoff streak alive. Everyone knew the Bruins were bigger and better. Fans’ hope for a series win rested solely on reputation: the Red Wings tend to win playoff series. Losing to Boston brought no surprise. The year before, […]

Breaking down the Red Wings’ eighth segment: Detroit showing signs of improvement at right time

Red Wings fans have panicked for the last two and a half months. They had their reasons. Detroit went from fighting for home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs to fighting to get into the playoffs, and all those battles came just months after the Red Wings were one of the top […]

How the Detroit Tigers were made: A look at how each player on the roster was acquired

On Monday 25 players found themselves wearing the Old English D, standing shoulder to shoulder on the foul line as the national anthem played at Comerica Park. They came from Virginia and Venezuela, Tennessee and Cuba. How did this collection of human beings find themselves together? Some arrived via trade, others came through free agency. […]

It’s opening day: Where you can find the James Mungro Memorial Award winners

A week and a half ago we found our next James Mungro Memorial Award presented by (sponsor pending) winner in Angel Nesbitt. Last week we  examined the end for Chris Bootcheck.  Now, baseball is upon us and we have three active JMMA winners in different places. Nesbitt made history. Three days ago he got the called […]


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