Who’s to blame for the Red Wings’ Game 2 loss to the Bruins?

Two defensemen standing, whacking and looking at the puck.

Two defensemen standing, whacking and looking at the puck.

After breaking down the Game 1 goal (which it might be forever known by), we might as well keep going. As I did in last year’s playoffs, I’ll breakdown every goal from the Red Wings score and allow this playoffs. Here’s a look at Game 2:

1-0 Bruins

Boston’s David Krejci takes the puck in his own zone after Tomas Tatar fails to get it deep. He flips it to center ice, where Riley Sheahan sees it and sweeps it back into his own zone, taking the puck away from Brendan Smith. Howard comes out to play the puck and fires it off Smith’s skate, where it bounces to Justin Florek, who fires it in for the goal.

This is primarily Howard’s fault obviously. I don’t have a problem with Tatar’s failure in the offensive zone because he actually had a chance to get the puck deep on a ricochet and it bounced over his stick. You can’t fault Smith for a teammate taking the puck from him or having his goalie fire a heater at his boot. Sheahan deserves some blame for his lack of awareness. GRM: Howard (-0.75), Sheahan (-0.25)


2-0 Bruins

With Danny DeKeyser in the box, Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara fires a slap shot from the point. Howard makes the save, the puck bounces in the air, and Krejci recovers it. He gives it back to the point for another shot, and Reilly Smith scores on the ensuing scramble.

(Side note: The Red Wings had three defensemen playing at the same time during this. Kyle Quincey and Brian Lashoff were on defense while Jakub Kindl was playing a forward position.)

If the opposing team scores when you’re in the penalty box, you automatically get some of the blame, so Danny DeKeyser gets (-0.33) here right away. After that, the mistake is that the Red Wings defensemen start whacking at sticks during the scrum. Knock somebody down. If Quincey or Lashoff did, they might’ve prevented the goal. Lashoff gets the extra point because he’s the closest to the scrum and fails to make an impact, falling over instead. GRM: Danny DeKeyser (P) (-0.33), Quincey (-0.33), Lashoff (-0.34)

2-1 Bruins

Iginla takes the puck into the Red Wings zone. Quincey pokes the puck away and takes Iginla down. Smith picks up the puck, turns behind the net, goes up the board and — fires a pass off of Glendening’s skate. The puck takes a fortunate bounce into Miller’s chest. Miller takes it into the zone, makes a horrible pass to Helm, who has to completely stop and turn around to pick up the puck. After corralling it, Helm, steps around Iginla and fires a shot. Glendening gets his stick on the puck, has it bounce off his chest and into the net.

Quincey gets credit for starting the play, ‘Luck’ gets credit for the fortunate bounce that continued it and the bounce that put the puck in, Helm gets credit for the dangle and shot, and Glendening gets credit for being in the right place. GRM: Quincey (0.2), Luck (0.4), Helm (0.2), Glendening (0.2)


3-1 Bruins

Torey Krug fires a cross-ice pass to Milan Lucic in the neutral zone. Darren Helm and Jerome Iginla are on the near boards by Krug, but Iginla recognizes the play and moves towards Lucic. Helm fails to follow. Lucic drops it to Iginla, drops behind Smith, takes the pass and directs it by Howard.

Helm had a chance to go with Iginla. When he didn’t he floated to the middle of the ice, where Lucic stepped right next to him. He had a chance to go with Lucic to the back door. He didn’t do that either. The other perpetrator on the play was Smith, who got caught puck watching and let Lucic get behind him. GRM: Darren Helm (-0.5), Brendan Smith (-0.5)


4-1 Bruins

On the power play again, Boston works a great tic-tac-toe to the front of the net, where big Chara slams it home. Quincey gets some blame because he’s in the box and Lashoff gets some blame for barely touching Chara, but this is just a good play by the Bruins. Lucic sent a cross-ice pass through two sticks and Krug patiently passed it off to Iginla on the side when he had a chance at a shot. Those are two skillful plays. Sometimes you allow goals when you’re on the penalty kill. GRM: Quincey (P) (-0.33), Lashoff (-0.33), Other team (-0.33)


GRMs on the game (players only. “Luck” and “Other team” not included: 

Luke Glendening, +0.20

Riley Sheahan, -0.25

Darren Helm, -0.3

Danny DeKeyser, -0.33

Kyle Quincey, -0.46

Brendan Smith, -0.5

Brian Lashoff, -0.67

Jimmy Howard, -0.75

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2 comments on “Who’s to blame for the Red Wings’ Game 2 loss to the Bruins?

  1. Howard’s got to get more blame for the 2 goals he failed to cover and let get jammed in through his 5 hole. He had no chance on the Lucic goal but he shares blame in other 3.

    • You could blame him for the rebounds on the two scrubs, but I tend not to fault a guy when the other team has three or four uninterrupted whacks at him.

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