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Your Bi-weekly Jose Alvarez update finds a new partner in Jacques McClendon

Jose Alvarez's reign as champion is coming to an end.

Jose Alvarez’s reign as champion is dwindling.

M-V-P! M-V-P! The chants are storming down on Jose Alvarez.

With the All-Star break last week, every news organization in the world dispensed first “half” reviews, grades or awards.

Alvarez got a B from the Free Press and a “Tigers feel comfortable recalling him if needed” from the Detroit News. But one organization, the Toledo Blade, said, “good day” to those major league rankings. It’s all about the Mud Hens, son. When Alvarez got mentioned, three words that create a common abbreviation sat in front of his name.

MVP. Most Valuable…Pitcher. On a team the worst in its division…by 18 games.

Still: M-V-P! M-V-P!

Alvarez didn’t do anything to silence the revering masses in his return to Toledo. He started three times since his uncalled for — and frankly, rude — demotion back to Triple-A.

Eight innings. Seven innings. Six innings. Three runs. Zero runs. Three runs. He struck out a total of 11 and walked just one.

Alvarez’s Triple-A ERA fell to a squishy 3.49. Opponents are hitting .237 off of him. His K/BB ratio is 7.22. He has six wins and has given up seven home runs.

M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!

Let’s move on before we start a political revolution in the Middle East.

We’ve already seen how Chris “RHP” Bootcheck continued his rule of all of Triple-A baseball, so this week Alvarez is joined by our other reigning champion: Jacques McClendon. It’s good timing. McClendon, who was signed to a futures contract with the Falcons the last time we saw him, is off to training camp this week, and he’ll be doing so after dropping a Lennay Kekua on everybody.

Speaking to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, McClendon revealed a move from guard to center.

The first edition of my Atlanta Falcons Center Depth Chart Power Rankings are still a month away, so it’s tough to discern whether this is favorable for the James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor still pending) winner or not. The Falcons’ starting center last year, Todd McClure, retired. Apparently Peter Konz and Joe Hawley will battle for the starting spot. Undrafted rookie free agent Matt Smith is also on the roster. McClendon’s move could be a recognition by the caoching staff that he has some ability and they need to find a way to get him on the field, or it could be a way to make sure all four quarterbacks in camp have a center to snap them the ball.

Until we find out which is which, I highly recommend following McClendon on Twitter. Bootcheck has stepped up his grammar and stopped taking shots at me, allowing McClendon to take JMMA Twitter championship belt.

Most of the time he’s just a random dude, tweeting about LeBron, what’s ever in the news, and showing his love for the Vols. But if you can train yourself to look past those tweets in your timeline, you’ll be rewarded with some humor and a few superb mental images of a 324-pound man trying to live his life.

Despite his rocky (Top) start, (see what I did there?) history will be kind McClendon’s tenure. It was fun and will end joyously.  The search for his football successor begins this week.

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