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We f#@$ing did it! Again!

Chris Bootcheck was obviously not happy with Jose Alvarez stealing all the spotlight.

Bootcheck is back in the bigs. Bootcheck. BOOTCHECK!

After losing the crown of greatest James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) winner to Jose Alvarez a mere five days ago,  Bootcheck not only snatches it back, but TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF. This isn’t an injury/spot callup. The Yankees actually sent somebody down to make room for the Wise One.  He hasn’t seen an MLB game since 2009. He’s 34 years old. He was coaching at an NAIA school at the start of Spring Training. Now he’s in the big leagues.

After a year and a half of nothing, two JMMA winners have been called up in a matter of two weeks. People are listening to me. (At least that’s what I choose to believe.)

Nothing makes sense any more. Up is down. Down is up. Cat is Dog. Light is dark.

It doesn’t matter.

The Champ is back. And he’s never going away.

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