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Ho. Ly. Poopsicles.

This is happening.

Our James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor pending) winner is graduating to the big league club. The ramifications are huge. HUGE people.

Alvarez now jets past Chris Bootcheck as the greatest JMMA winner of all time, despite the fact that still I’m not sure Jose is his real name. It gives former and future JMMA winners have hope. It solidifies the James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (sponsor still pending, act now!) as the third most prestigious award on the internet. I expect companies to be begging for the right to sponsor the award.

They say it’s likely for only one start, that he’s just filling in for Anibal Sanchez, who was scratched with a sore shoulder. But ‘they’ aren’t familiar with Jose Alvarez’s bag guarding, mysterious non-surgery having, changeup throwing ways. We are.

We did it. Sure, Alvarez has been the one pitching and dealing with the long bus rides and scraping by on his minor league contract. But we followed his career and wrote things about him on the internet. He may not ‘know’ we exist, but deep down, he feels the connection. I’m chalking this monumental day in American history to a team effort.

The no hitter tomorrow is going to be awesome.

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