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Figuring out who is responsible for the outcomes of Game 1 and Game 2 in the Detroit Red Wings-Anaheim Ducks series

Not where you want to be on a penalty kill

Not where you want to be on a penalty kill

As you settle into a nice balance between being giddy about Gustav Nyquist’s overtime winner and being glum about that three goal lead the Red Wings gave up, you”ll find yourself wondering, who’s responsible for all this?

Well, there are a few places you can figure it out. Winging it in Motown’s CSSI (Common Sense Scoring Index) is a good place to start. J.J. modifies goals, assists and plus/minus based on who is actually involved in the play.

He knows his stuff, but the all the numbers can be overwhelming, and occasionally I see a play a different way. I figured I have a website. Why not take the CSSI analysis and simplify it into one number that shows how many goals a player is responsible for scoring or allowing?

All I did was take each goal the Red Wings scored or allowed and divided it among the players responsible for it, then added the numbers together to get responsibility number. Build shrines for people high on list. Curse those on the bottom.

One caveat: the system punishes Jimmy Howard more than anybody else. He can’t score goals.

My methodology follows. Scroll to the end if you just want to see the numbers.

Game 1


Jordin Tootoo takes a cross-checking penalty. Pavel Datsyuk cleanly loses a faceoff. With the Red Wings on the penalty kill, it’s also Datsyuk’s job to get to the shooter. He does that, but the shot gets through. It gets tipped and past Jimmy Howard.  Responsibility: Pavel Datsyuk (0.5), Jordin Tootoo (0.5).

Valtteri Filppula takes a hooking penalty. Danny DeKeyser loses a battle behind the net. Brendan Smith stands around instead of taking his man. Johan Franzen comes down in support to make it 3-on-3 down low. This would be good if it was even strength, but the Red Wings are on the penalty kill. Franzen left a clear path for a pass back to Ben Lovejoy after the Ducks win the battle down low. Eaves challenges the point. Franzen follows instead of dropping back and trying to get in a passing lane. Lovejoy slides it over to Teemu Selanne, who roofs it. The goal came from a weird angle shot, but I’m not blaming Jimmy Howard. It was a nice shot. Responsibility: Valterri Filppula (0.25) Danny DeKeyser (0.25), Brendan Smith (0.25), Johan Franzen (0.25). 

I’m not counting the empty net.


Filppula chases down the puck  to reset the Red Wings power play. Quincey actually makes a terrible pass over to Jakub Kindl, putting it four feet in the air. Kindl catches it, puts it down and shot passes to Patrick Eaves, who gives a saucer pass right back. Kindl shoots it, hits Dan Cleary in the butt (give him credit for good positioning) and the puck bounces in. Responsibility: Valtteri Filppula (0.25), Jakub Kindl (0.25), Patrick Eaves (0.25), Dan Cleary (0.25)

Game 2


Valterri Filppula takes a hooking penalty. The Ducks work it around to Selanne, who puts it low far side on Howard. The rebound pops out to Saku Koivu, who taps it in. Smith gets puck watching instead of picking up Koivu. Howard probably could have had better rebound control, but this one is on Smith. Responsibility: Valtteri Filppula (0.5), Brendan Smith (0.5)

Nicklas Kronwall and Cleary combine to give the puck to the Ducks, according to CSSI. Getzlaf picks up the puck behind the Red Wings net. Except for separating Getzlaf from the puck, DeKeyser does everything a defenseman can do to prevent a scoring chance. Getzlaf gets off a weak backhand that pinballs through Howard. Bad goal. Responsibility: Jimmy Howard (0.5) — the puck should have never went in — Nicklas Kronwall (0.25), Dan Cleary (0.25)

Kyle Quincey takes an interference penalty and this goal comes before he gets into the play, so it’s partly his responsibility. The puck comes to the boards, Joakim Andersson gets caught chasing. Emmerton comes over to cover and stops at the last minute and reaches with his stick instead bumping bodies. With Emmerton now out of position, Palmieri is wide open and buries the wrist shot. I believe this deflects of a stick, so Howard doesn’t get anything. If it wasn’t deflected, this is also a bad goal. Responsibility: Kyle Quincey (0.33), Joakim Andersson (0.33), Cory Emmerton (0.33)

The Red Wings play a Box-and-1 in their own zone. The Ducks get the puck at the half boards and then walk to the top the circles. Instead of letting Emmerton take the man, Smith chases the puck. As the puck goes back into the corner, Smith — rightfully this time — takes the man. Bobby Ryan jumps into the open space, Emmerton is slow to react and Ryan taps one home. Jimmy Howard is at fault for this one too. He gets impatient and goes down too early. Responsibility: Brendan Smith (0.33), Cory Emmerton (0.33), Jimmy Howard (0.33)


(Relying on some CSSI here for the beginning) Franzen tips a pass in the neutral zone. Dekeyser steps up in the neutral to separate a Duck from the puck. Datsyuk tips a pass to Justin Abdelkader, who makes two moves and fires a wrist from the top of the circle that beats Hiller far side. Responsibility: Johan Franzen (0.25), Danny Dekeyser (0.25), Pavel Datsyuk (0.25), Justin Abdelkader (0.25)

(Relying on CSSI for the beginning again) Henrik Zetterberg stops a clearing attempt, Quincey stops two more, Smith stops one, and Gustav Nyquist stops one. The puck comes around and the boards, Quincey steps up and chips it to Damien Brunner, who turns around and scores. Responsibility: Kyle Quincy (0.20), Henrik Zetterberg (0.20), Brendan Smith (0.20), Gustav Nyquist (0.20), Damien Brunner (0.20)

Zetterberg works to get the puck back to Niklas Kronwall at the point. Then it goes Kronwall to Zetterberg to Datsyuk to Brunner to the net. Franzen then battles to poke in the rebound. Considering I could have made the pass Kronwall made, I’m not giving him any points. Responsibility: Henrik Zetterberg (0.25), Pavel Datsyuk (0.25), Damien Brunner (0.25), Johan Franzen (0.25)

Brunner enters the zone, pulls a Steve-Yzerman spin move (that’s what our coaches used to call it at least), draws two defenders to him and drops it Zetterberg, who  passes to Franzen who goes hard to the net and slides it far side. Responsibility: Damien Brunner (0.33), Henrik Zetterberg (0.33), Johan Franzen (0.33)

Cleary picks up and errant shot off the board and gives an oily little pass Filppula who puts on one dangle and slides it to Nyquist standing at the back door. He finishes. Responsibility: Dan Cleary (0.33), Valterri Filppula (0.33), Gustav Nyquist (0.33) 

Scored Allowed R #
Henrik Zetterberg 0.78 0 0.78
Damien Brunner 0.78 0 0.78
Johan Franzen 0.83 -0.25 0.58
Gustav Nyquist 0.53 0 0.53
Dan Cleary 0.58 -0.25 0.33
Jakub Kindl 0.25 0 0.25
Patrick Eaves 0.25 0 0.25
Justin Abdelkader 0.25 0 0.25
Pavel Datsyuk 0.5 -0.5 0
Danny DeKeyser 0.25 -0.25 0
Kyle Quincey 0.2 -0.33 0.13
Valerri Filppula 0.58 -0.75 -0.17
Nicklas Kronwall 0 -0.25 -0.25
Joakim Andersson 0 -0.33 0.33
Jordin Tootoo 0 -0.5 0.5
Cory Emmerton 0 -0.66 -0.66
Jimmy Howard 0 -0.83 0.83
Brendan Smith 0.20 -1.08 0.88

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