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How one 16″-by-16″ piece of cloth told me everything I need to know about the Detroit Lions selecting Ezekiel Ansah

Long live Ezekiel Ansah's pocket square

Long live Ezekiel Ansah’s pocket square

I’ll let you read the “Ziggy is/is not the Ansah” puns, the random letter grades, and the clichéd player evaluations somewhere else.

I couldn’t tell you whether those are right or wrong. Like most of you, I’ve haven’t seen more than 15 minutes of Ansah on the field in my life.

But I saw his performance last night. Or, more specifically, one particular aspect of it. It wasn’t  the 3-D glasses, which the internet quickly picked up on.*It was the pocket square.

It summed up the entire night for Ezekial Ansah and the Lions.

Ansah, already rocking a crisp but traditional black coat-white shirt-black tie suit, didn’t need the square. Barry Sanders didn’t where one and he’s Barry Sanders. He could have traded down, saved the small dash of style for another day, maybe gone with a safer but less-noticeable noticeable pick, like bright-colored socks. He could have taken the traditional options available to him and gone with a solid-color pocket square. Blue would have worked quite nicely. Instead, he opted for that — thing.

Folded into different sections of purple, yellow and green, the pocket square became impossible not to notice. Set against a boring backdrop, much more dull than usual, it popped. Was it some family artifact Ansah got from relatives in Ghana? Was it just a pocket square?

Early on, the point that was supposed to be in the middle of the pocket fell towards Ansah’s armpit. Part of what was supposed to be in the pocket peaked out. The different colors of the square played tricks on the eyes. Together, the elements made it appear that the pocket square had been folded in half and hurriedly shoved into Ansah’s pocket.

So there stood Ezekiel Nana “Ziggy” Ansah, from Ghana to BYU to New York City, the guy who wanted to play two other sports before eventually settling on football, the guy Mike Mayock said “would either be an All Pro in three years or on the street”, shaking hands with Roger Goodell. He posed for pictures with a pocket square that was still trying to nudge itself into a pocket it wasn’t made for. He held up the jersey of a franchise who has a track record for putting more guys on the street than on an All-Pro list.

Amid it all, nobody appeared to notice something was out of place.

*(For the record, I like the choice. If he actually stole those from a theater and popped out the frames, that’s frugal shopping. He got the same look that LeBron and Russell Westbrook have but didn’t pay anything for it.)

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