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The new and improved Detroit Red Wings Shootout Book is now live

Last year, I became frustrated with watching Jiri Hudler bury half-hearted wrist shots into the goalie’s crest during shootouts.

Anecdotal evidence showed he did the same move every time and it rarely worked. I tried to find empirical evidence to say the same thing.

Outside of just the basic he’s 11-for-36 in shootouts, there was none. So I began piling my own database.

I discovered how terrible Hudler’s shot location was and how his a fake shot followed by a real shot almost never got the goalie to bite.

I also uncovered Pavel Datsyuk’s triple-option and Todd Bertuzzi’s prolific closing ability.

The problem was, I only went back a season or two. I couldn’t get a full scope of a player’s arsenal, especially those who only shot once or twice last season.

That’s fixed now. I present to you the new and improved Shootout Book, spanning every* shootout the Red Wings have had in their history. Just click on “The Shootout Book” tab at the top to see franchise totals, charts from every season, shot charts on the Red Wings’ most-used shooters and breakdown of their moves.

*(Well almost every. The individual players’ shot charts are incomplete due to not finding video of six shootouts: March 25, 2006 vs. Columbus; April 3, 2006 @ Calgary; November 18, 2006 @ Edmonton; November 24, 2006 vs. St Louis; February 23, 2007 vs. Edmonton; and February 26, 2008 @ Edmonton. If you have video of these or stumble upon them on YouTube, send them to me.)

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