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Breaking down the myriad of Red Wings trade deadline deals…

Kent Huskins doing what he does best: Watching things happen.

Kent Huskins doing what he does best: Watching things happen.

After all the flurry of activity yesterday, I’ll start by breaking down the Red Wings’ trade deadline deals thus far:

Kent Huskins went to Philadelphia for a conditional seventh-round pick back on March 30. Huskins wasn’t doing anything. This seventh-round pick has a very small chance of doing something. Analysis: good trade. On to the next deal:

What? That was it?

Well, now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s move on to the real order of business: there isn’t one. The Red Wings are going to continue their streak, but remain a lower seed and unlikely Stanley Cup contender. The Tigers remain a mere 161 games away from perfection. The Lions don’t draft anybody until the end of the month. The Pistons? AHAHAHA. You think we’re going to talk about the Pistons’ 25-50 record?

The question is, what could I possibly give to you today that you can’t get anywhere else? Unless you want to hear my thoughts about the Red Wings playoff streak ending despite the fact that it isn’t going to end this year, (Detroit likely needs to go just 6-5-1 in its final 12 games to make the playoffs) I don’t have much.

HOWEVA, I do have a few projects I’m working on that may or may not blow your mind when I’m finished. So instead of giving you a post on something that isn’t particularly relevant or insightful, I’m going to take the time I would have spent writing and devote it to one of my projects.

Eventually, you’ll be thankful I did.

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