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What’s the ideal season for the Detroit Tigers?

Tigers celebration

Usually I’m not one to bow at the corporate feet, but I may have a chance at someone sponsoring the James Mungro Memorial Award here. MLB The Show video game is putting together promotional videos for each team. They know the basics, but are completely oblivious to the little things like Rod Allen’s commentary and Phil Coke pointing at a fly balls, so they came to me, and likely hundreds of other people on the internet, with a little questionnaire on what they need to include with the Tigers.

I filled out the form hastily at about 4 a.m. last night, but want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I need your help. Make me sound smart. Read the following answers and air any grievances you have by constructing either a strongly worded comment on the bottom or a strongly worded email, or even a strongly worded Facebook post.

Synopsis: What would be the ideal story of the season in a sentence?

Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander continue their dominance of the Major Leagues, the  Tigers figure out the bullpen, find a closer in Bruce Rondon and finally get over the hump to win the World Series.

What happens to the team rivals, and how is redemption gained?
The White Sox are pretty good and the Indians are above average, but the Tigers sweep take control of the AL Central and win the division by double digit games. They roll through the playoffs and get a rematch with the Giants in the World Series, taking them out in the most excruciating way possible for San Francisco fans.
Heroes: Which players on the team are pivotal to success, and what do they do to carry the team?
Verlander dominates the MLB again carrying a good but not great pitching staff. Cabrera nearly repeats his numbers, with Fielder right behind, giving the Tigers the best 1-2 punch in the majors in the middle of one of the best lineups in the league.
Surprises: Which new, young, or in-transition players might have an interesting role in the storyline this season?
Bruce Rondon shakes off a rough Spring and wins the closer job. Nick Castellanos gets a September call up and provides some pop while Avisail Garcia becomes another big bat in a lineup that already has a lot of them.
Nods: What are a few little things that only fans of the team might notice about the story?
Cabrera and Fielder’s cool handshake. Phil Coke pointing to a fly ball. Phil Coke slamming his glove on the ground after the final out to send the Tigers to the World Series. Andy Dirks telling the world he’s just a ball player. Max Scherzer’s different colored eyes. People hating Danny Worth.
Heartache: What from last year still hurts any true fan of the team?
Ummm, getting swept in the World Series. Jose Valverde melting down worse than Chernobyl.
Fears: What is the biggest worry for the team this year?
The closer’s role never being settled and the second half of the pitching half not performing well at all costing the team multiple games and falling short of the division.
Announcers: Who is the voice of the team? Does he have any memorable moments or famous
Mario Impemba and Rod Allen. Oh man, where do I start with Rod Allen? Let’s just say Rod sees everybody. ‘I see you Rod. I see you.’

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