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James Mungro Memorial Award (2013 Tigers Edition) Update: The field losses one member, gets a lot more interesting

Dixon Machado

Dixon Machado…Falling out of relevancy and back into the competition

(Previously: The Season 3 opening,  Update No. 1 where we cut Ryan Robowski. Profiles: Jose Alvarez, Trevor Bell, Brad Davis, Dixon Machado, Kevin Russo

When we presented our second ever James Mungro Memorial Award sponsored by (Tosti—no, still no sponsor) to Jacques McClendon this fall during the Lions’ preseason, we gave it to a guy who was the best in a wide-open but ultimately weak field. No one made a play to challenge the offensive lineman, now of Atlanta Falcons practice squad fame.

This year’s Tigers Edition of the JMMA has a similarly wide open field, but for different reasons: mainly, the finalists are going HARD IN THE MOTHER!@$%ING PAINT! Well every one but Brad Davis, who remains hitless in four games. But we don’t count him because we’re cutting him right now.

Bye Brad. You aren’t the first person ever to win the Chris Bootcheck Award and the JMMA in the same season.

That leaves us with four finalists. Each brings sizable strengths to the competition, but each also bring has weaknesses preventing him from being the complete monster that Chris Bootcheck was last year.

Kevin Russo is playing a lot, 11 games in total, and is hitting .320. It might be the best on-field performance from a JMMA nominee up to this point. But he’s just a another ballplayer in his late 20s who can be a utility player off the bench. And Dixon Machado is keeping pace with the bat, going 3-for-9 (.333) in seven games.

The biggest thing that helped Machado’s candidacy came on Saturday. His arch-nemesis Eugenio Suarez got the newspaper profile treatment on Saturday. In that article it was revealed that — despite Machado being named the Tigers farm system’s best defensive infielder two years in a row by Baseball America — Suarez won the minor league gold glove award at shortstop, making him the best defensive shortstop across the entire minor leagues, from Low-A to AAA.

No respect. As Machado continues to fall outside of radar range, he’s falls closer to being one of us. ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Plus, Machado’s name is still Dixon Machado.

Machado’s only problem thus far has been the one thing he was supposed to be good at: fielding. His .950 fielding percentage this Spring is one of the worst on the team.

Yet, the biggest move of the week came from Trevor Bell. His stats aren’t great: 4.76 ERA in five games, five hits in 5.2 innings pitched. But sometimes it’s not about the stats. Sometimes it’s about the heart. And the money. Definitely the money. Bell posted this on Instagram this week:

His 0-0 record may not show it, but Trevor Bell is a winner. Plus just from his Instagram account, he seems like a good, interesting dude. And if there’s two things the JMMA is all about it’s winning, and good, interesting people.

On the other hand, Bell’s pitching counterpart, the great Jose Alvarez could be winner but we have no idea. Alvarez has had a pretty good Spring: A 1.80 ERA, three saves, three strikeouts in six innings pitched.

The thing is, I’m not sure it’s actually happening. I’m not even sure Jose Alvarez is his real name. Every JMMA nominee has been included in some type of news story the past couple of weeks, whether it was by a short mention, a box score, or a photo. Everbody but Alvarez. Add this with the conflicting information regarding whether he had shoulder surgery or not and James Schmehl’s silence when asked about it and Jose Alvarez may have more power than we thought. This international man of mystery could be running some sort of spy campaign.

I kind of like the possibilities.

The stats:

Trevor Bell 0-0 4.76 5 5.2 0 5 0 1 2
Jose Alvarez 0-0 1.80 6 6.0 3 5 1 1 3
Kevin Russo 11 25 3 8 1 4 10 .320
Brad Davis 4 4 0 0 0 0 2 .000
Dixon Machado 7 9 0 3 0 4 2 .333

We’re three weeks away from Opening Day. Get ready for some swift and merciless cuts.

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