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Who’s to blame in the passing game? Week 8

(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Who’s to blame? Nobody, really. Maybe the Jaguars. Holy crap are they bad. Like really bad.

Blaine Gabbert showcased his laser, rocket,  icy-twine-hurling appendage on those five yard outs, but when it came time to go down field, he lofted beautiful rainbows for Erik Coleman to intercept.

He did pad his stats nicely at the end of the game, officially going 27-for-38 for 220 yards, but 71 of those yards came in Jacksonville’s final drive, which started with just over two minutes left in the game and the Lions leading 31-14.

In the first half he was just 6-for-11 for 41 yards. Other than a 25-yard completion at the end of the half with the Lions in a prevent defense, he didn’t have a completion of over ten yards.

So, this was a good game for the cornerbacks right? Well, let’s just call it a non-game. They didn’t really matter. The game was over by the end of the first quarter. I’ll give you the stats, but I feel slightly wrong about doing so.

It’s like giving a performance review on somebody’s last week before retirement. Nobody cared what they were doing.

(Side note: I enjoyed Mike Mularkey’s strategy to go for the onside kick down 15 with 50 seconds left, but not go for the onside kick down 16 with about eight minutes left. You know, when recovering the onside kick could have made a difference.)


Possibly the only thing you should take away from this game that’s actually meaningful. Jacob Lacey came back, pushing Alphonso Smith one spot closer never to seeing the field ever again. Also helping out the cause was the dream team of Erik Coleman and Ricardo Silva playing the entire game at safety. No more putting Smith at a position he never plays! Hooray!

Coleman is bad but he made a couple of good plays to go with his bad ones this week. Ricardo Silva didn’t do anything good or bad, which adds another week to the theory that he might secretly be a decent NFL player.

Passing Touchdowns Allowed

There were two. One came with the Lions up 24 points. The other came with the Lions up 23. You can break down those meaningless plays for yourself. Jacob Lacey was covering space on the first one and Erik Coleman got burned at the line of the second one, that’s all you need to know.


Also two. These mattered mildly more than the touchdowns.

3rd quarter, 11:50, Blaine Gabbert’s pass intended for Justin Blackmon intercepted by Erik Coleman.

This was actually a nice play. Gabbert lofted one of his rainbows down the right sideline, well tried to anyway. The ball drifted towards the middle of the field. Coleman picked his head up, made an adjustment to get in position and then went up and won the jumpball against Blackmon. We’ll all just ignore the fact that due to Gabbert’s throw Coleman was in about three times better position to intercept the ball than Blackmon.

3rd Quarter, 1:57, Blaine Gabbert’s pass intended for Rashad Jennings intercepted by Jonte Green.

Green didn’t really deserve this or the good play point I gave him for it. Gabbert fired a ball at his scrub running back’s facemask (remember, Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t play with a foot injury), scrub running back tried to catch it, didn’t, tipped it up in the air and Jonte Green opened his hands to receive his given from heaven.


Player Yards Allowed Good Plays TDs allowed INTs Difference from last week(yards/good plays)
Linebackers 61 0 0 0 -35.5/0
GAMEPLAN 50 0 0 0 -6/0
Erik Coleman 38 2 1 1 N/A
Chris Houston 30 0 0 0 +1.5/0
Jonte Green 24 2 0 1 -32/+1
Jacob Lacey 17 1 0 0 N/A

What have we learned?

Nothing. Well, I guess we learned something we already knew: The Jaguars are utterly incompetent in completing even the simplest of football tasks.

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