SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Survey Results Jamboree, Day 2

Your best player in Detroit. (Getty Images)

It’s Results Jamboree Day 2. As a man who has attended many jamborees in his life, I know the No. 1 rules of jamborees is to not waste time. So I won’t.

If missed Day 1, experience it first. Then hang your head in shame for not being there from the beginning.

Let’s get to the rest of the results of the SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle survey.

The Good Stuff. Again.

We’re going out of order in the questioning, so I can backload the post, just like a real awards show. But I’ll start off with a bang:

Q11: Your best player in Detroit, by a wide margin………Mr. Calvin Johnson. Johnson earned 408 total votes, (34.5% of the total). Miguel Cabrera finished second, more than 100 votes behind with 288 (24.3%), beating Justin Verlander (235 total votes, 19.9%) comfortably.

Q20: In the biggest blowout of the competition, the city of Chicago is Detroit’s biggest rival. Chicago earned 89.8% of the vote. Cleveland finished second with just over two percent of the vote.

Q13 & 14: The Best and Worst Front Office Awards go to the Red ings and Pistons, respectively. Ken Holland and company took 61% of the overall vote while the Pistons absolutely ran away with the worst award, winning 80.8% of the vote. Hey, at least Joe Dumars has something to put in his trophy case next to that 2004 title ring now. It was getting kind of lonely.

Q15 & 16: The Redwings and Pistons finish off my Best/Worst exacta, as Mike Babcock (53.2%) takes the title for best head coach and Lawrence Frank (69.3%) wins the worst. No surprise there, but I do feel kind of bad for Frank, it’s not his fault the team sucks. Well, it’s not entirely his fault the team sucks.

Q19:It was the closest race of all, with a number of candidates splitting the vote. You could say there’s no real winner, but that wouldn’t be any fun. Martin Mayhew (114 votes, 9.8% of the total valid votes) is the Detroit Sports figure that deserves more credit. Jim Leyland held the top billing for a while, but a late surge put Mayhew ahead. Leyland finished with 92 votes (7.8%), three more than Matthew Stafford (89 votes, 7.6%).

Q:12: Ndamukong Suh is the most overrated player in Detroit with 147 total votes (14.0%), over sixty more than second place and third place finishers Johan Franzen and Tayshaun Prince.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The final two awards of the night. How many years will it take to win the next title and who has the best chance.

Q17: On average, the people of Detroit think the next championship will come in 6.76 years. But wait. Some people think they’re funny and didn’t think any Detroit team would win for the next 2,012 years. Just going by odds you would have to bet that it would happen before then. That answer skewed the average. If you look at the median years, people are much more optimistic, saying it will take all of two years for another parade to happen in Detroit. e

Q18: As for the team who will do it? The Tigers. By a wide margin. 62% of people say it’s going to be the Tigers.

I’ve told you everything I thought you wanted to know. Now tell me something. What did I miss? I’ve got all kinds of data here and that I didn’t share.

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  1. Funniest comments? You can keep them anonymous of course, but I’m sure some people left some good quotes that we would like to hear

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