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SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Survey Results Jamboree, Day 1

The results are in. Your Detroit Lions are the city’s most followed franchise.

THEY’RE IN! After three weeks, I’ve officially sifted through your spelling mistakes, gotten mad at the people who refused to answer the questions and haven’t read the paragraph long responses to a question that asked for a simple name.

The results for the SB Nation Detroit and Detroit Hustle Sports Survey are here.

I know you just want the results, so I’m going to give them to you. Deeper more meaningful posts about what each question’s result means to society can come later. Now, I’ll reveal the results in a two-day jamboree. You heard me. JAM-BO-REE.

First rule of jamboreeing: don’t waste time. Let’s get to it.

(DISCLAIMER: I’m well aware that I didn’t randomly select participants and that the results don’t necessarily reflect the true feelings of Detroit Sports Fans. I know that all I have are a bunch of responses to people on the internet who opted-in. Lighten up, Strict Survey Sally. We’re just trying to have a little fun.)

(SECOND POSSIBLY MORE IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The free response questions each have a different total as a small portion put answers that didn’t count, like ‘I don’t know’, a symbol, or a person who isn’t eligible for the answer. For example, Michael Jordan wasn’t a valid answer to the question: Who is best player in Detroit regardless of sport?)

(THIRD POSSIBLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIRST BUT NOT AS IMPORTANT AS THE SECOND DISCLAIMER: In some cases people put multiple answers, saying it was a tie. As long the number didn’t exceed three, I counted the answer, giving a vote to each person. When it came to determining who the best player in Detroit was, the limit was two.)


  • There were 1,191 responses to the survey, from 26 different countries
  • There’s a whole bunch of man meat around here. 96.6 percent of participants (1,151 out of 1,191) were male.
  • The average age was just over 32 years old. The median age was slightly younger at 29. But let’s be honest, those numbers are probably skewed. Who tells the truth about themselves on the Internet? The range was APPARENTLY 6 to 75. That’s right, a six year took the survey. Allegedly.


The Good Part

Your Detroit Lions are the most regularly followed team, with 82 percent of survey takers regularly following them. The Tigers were just 36 votes behind. Roughly 80 percent of respondents follow the Tigers.

Most people (54.5%) attend games between 1-5 times per year. Adding in those who said they go to zero games per year (20.9%) over three quarters of people attend five games a year or less. Long live HD television.

Somehow, after 50 years of futility, the Lions are the favorite team of Detroit, gaining 33.5% of the vote. The rest, in order: Tigers (30.2%), Red Wings (23.4%), Pistons (12.8%)

(39.4%) of people haven’t attended a game at more than one venue. That’s the highest of any option. Long live HD television. (Again.) For those who did, Comerica Park was the overwhelming favorite (30.9%). But this isn’t really fair. The place with the carousel and Ferris wheel is going to win every time.

People are boring. 58.4% of them didn’t want to reveal the worst venue in Detroit. Let’s forget them and look at those who did. Joe Louis Arena (19.7%) is the worst venue of the Detroit teams, edging The Palace (17.1%) by a mere 31 votes.   

I’m proud of my brethren. Over a third of respondents (36.4%) have been to a road game this year. Way higher than I expected.

At the top, Detroit is just riding the hate trends of the rest of the country. Sidney Crosby is the most hated man in Detroit, garnering 130 votes, about 11% of the total. LeBron James was second (96 votes), finishing just ahead of Jay Cutler (94 votes) and Jim Harbaugh (93 votes)

The most disliked Detroit player may have been the most exciting race of all. In a two-man battle, Ryan Raburn surged at the end to officially claim the most disliked player in Detroit title, barely beating Charlie Villanueva, 254 total votes (24.7%) to 229 (22.2%).

 That’s all for part one. What do we think? Any surprises?

If you thought that was thrilling (and I know you did), get ready for Part Two tomorrow. The best actor/actress chance to win a title and best picture how many years it’s going to take will be revealed in a star-studded ceremony attended by no one. You can’t attend things on the internet.

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