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The SB Nation and Detroit Hustle Detroit Sports Survey

(Other contributing blogs UPDATED August 3, 10:50 pm: Bless You Boys, Piston Powered, Pride of Detroit, SideLion Report, Winging it in Motown, 3rd Round Draft Pick. If you have a blog and want to take part in the process, there’s still time. Contact me and I’ll add your blog to the list and tell you the details.) 

If you want to skip the intro, here’s the survey. It will be open for two weeks.

I’ve been over this before, but the idea to host a Detroit Sports Survey stemmed from the void Claude Lemieux left in my heart. There was no one I, and more importantly Detroit, hated more than Lemieux in the late 90s and early 2000s. Since he faded into oblivion, I’ve longed for the city to rally together and hate one person with so much vigor. The problem: I didn’t know who that person could be. So I got the idea to ask people.

That led to more things I realized wanted to know about Detroit sports and, eventually, the survey was born. Others gracious people on the internet either thought it was a good idea or felt bad for me and agreed to help. I came up with more questions, asked you guys for some more, and ended with a survey that got very specific about each Detroit team and was so long no I didn’t think anybody would finish it. When I realized this thing was actually going to happen, I began to whittle down the questions and decided that in this first attempt, if anything, I would err on the side of simplicity.

What you’re about to take is a simple, 20-question, all-sport, all-encompassing survey. The only requirement is that you are a Detroit sports fan. Use your power. Fill it out now. Let your voice be heard. Stick it to the man. Yes We Can. Flower Power. OK, I’ll stop.

Once you do your part, we (the collective blogs participating) will release the results and all your wondering about who the best players, most overrated and most hated players are will be answered.

But you have to fill it out first. It won’t take long. You’ll make a difference in the world.

If this is successful, I’ll make another run at a better survey in the future. I’ll owe to you, the innovator, who used the survey as your means of changing the world making a significant small miniscule dent in the internet. This is your time. All you have to do is click the link.

Seriously, just take the survey. It will quench your curiosity and give you the satisfaction of knowing you were a part of starting something AT LEAST 20 times less interesting  and destructive as the Manhattan Project.

One comment on “The SB Nation and Detroit Hustle Detroit Sports Survey

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