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A call to arms as we try something different: A Detroit Sports Survey

I’m the guy with the clipboard. Fun Fact: It doesn’t have any questions on it.

(Programming Note: I don’t know what the deal is with all these video ads now. I’m very angry about it. I guess that’s the hazard of having a free WordPress blog.)

If you’re not counting Andre Drummond air-balling a free throw at the Pistons’ summer league game and the same recycled stories from last year at Red Wings Development camp absolutely nothing happened in Detroit Sports this entire week outside of the Home Run Derby. No, the All-Star Game doesn’t count.

So I figure it’s the perfect time to present a project I’ve slowly been working on behind the scenes. I’ve partnered up with SB Nation Detroit and gotten a few other blogs involved (I’ll put the full roster up at a later date, still waiting on a few people) to put on a survey of sorts about Detroit Sports next weeks.

See, we used to live in simpler times. Claude Lemiuex was the most hated man in Detroit. Matt  Millen was the worst GM and Joey Heisman was the biggest disappoint the city knew.

Now, I have no idea. Who filled Claude Lemiuex’s role? Shea Weber, maybe? But aren’t people rooting for him to start throwing rocks at Ken Holland’s window holding a boombox above his head with a sign taped across his chest that says “I’m Sorry” and then sign a deal that makes him more money in his first year than the city does in 10?

And do we hate Joe Dumars or not? Is Jakub Kindl officially a bust? What about Nick Fairley? Or is some Tigers guy I’ve never heard of the biggest bust this city has seen since Pam Anderson was dating Kid Rock?

Have you ever thought, ‘At what meeting did we decide to turn on Johan Franzen and why wasn’t I invited?’


Detroit Sports fans from all across the world wide web (remember when we used to say that?) are coming together to participate to simply decide things. No more wondering if you’re the only one who is happy Jiri Hudler is gone (you’re not) or how many people is “everybody” in the statement “everybody” thinks (insert your own off-base opinion here).

There will be numbers and percentages and maybe (if I get ambitious) pie charts and probably a couple of symbols like this ~.

Before I release the official post that announces the SB Nation and Detroit Hustle survey and the other blogs band together for the greatest, wildest, drunkest survey you’ve ever seen in your life, I’m asking for your help. I have some preliminary questions for the survey, but I’m only one man. What do the people want to know?

Any question about the current state of Detroit Sports (no who is the All-time greatest whatever) will be considered. I’ll look closely at the smart ones. I’ll try to figure out the incoherent ones. I’ll probably use the stupid ones.

If you have a question or have a blog and want to get involved, post in the comments below. Or email them to me. Heck, you can even send them to me via Twitter or put them on the Facebook page.

If you try to send them through MySpace, I’ll punch you. If you are somehow successful in submitting them through MySpace, I’ll shake your hand and be your best friend. You obviously have some sort of Dumbledore-like powers where it comes to social media.

Remember, the survey goes live a week from now. So don’t procrastinate.

And don’t let me down. Especially you George.

(There’s got to be one reader out there named George.)

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