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Can anybody getting an Avila floppy hat help this person out?

At the beginning of the season I did a breakdown  of the best and worst Tigers giveaways this season. I rated the floppy hat as the worst. Today I got this comment:

My father has been a tigers fan as long as I can remember. He lives about as far north in the Upper Peninsula as one can go, and he cannot travel the 11 hours to make it to a Tigers game. He will 78 on July 4th and when I asked him what he wanted, He said he would really like one of the Alex Avila floppy hats That are being given away on July 2nd.

My grandfather NEVER asks for anything, he has “gone without” for his entire life. I want nothing more than to give him the one thing he has asked for. Since I cannot seem to find a way to obtain this hat without begging for someones kindness here it goes, is there anyone out that will sell (ed: please just give it away, you got it for free.) since it is apparently ” the worst giveaway” anyhow? Thank you for your consideration. email – ctnoonan@hotmail.com”

I’m not going to the game on July 2, but chances are that one of you is. Hustlers, you responded once when I called upon you to put Bootcheck in the All Star game. I’m calling on you one more time. Help this person out. Don’t let me down. Don’t let yourselves down. Don’t let the nation down.

One comment on “Can anybody getting an Avila floppy hat help this person out?

  1. I assume since this is 3 yrs late that you no longer have need of the hat, however just in case we have 2 of them.

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